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ICDDM 2014
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April 20, 2014. News! For the keynote speaker information, Click.

April 7, 2014. News! The conference venue is given now, Click.

February 26, 2014, Important News! Due to the unstable political situation in Bangkok, the venue of ICIW 2014 will be changed to Pattaya, Thailand.

February 26, 2014, Good News! The last submission round of ICIW 2014 is now open. (Click)

January 26, 2014, Good News! The second round of submission of ICIW 2014 is now open. (Click)

December 13, 2013, Good News! ICIW 2014 will be held in Princeton Bangkok Hotel, Click for more information.

November 25, 2013, Good News! ICIW 2014 has been included in IACSIT Conference Calendar. (Click)

November 13, 2013. Good News! Welcome Prof. Lin En-bin will deliver keyntoe speech in ICIW 2014. (Click)

Aug 13, 2013 Good News! The2014 2014 International Conference on Internet and Web (ICIW 2014) will be held during June 7-8, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, as the workshop of ICDDM 2014.














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